• Browse from a collection of skirting board profiles which we have on display so you can choose which one may suit your home. 

    We are able to source from our Perth, West Australian local suppliers, all types of profiles and designs to suit all manner of tastes. From sleek new modern to the more traditional heritage style skirting board profiles of yesteryear. 

    All our skirting boards are professionally hand painted to a mirror finish using only the best premium Dulux paints.

  • What is MDF Medium Density Fibreboard

    Most if not all skirting boards these days are engineered using MDF or medium density fibreboard. MDF is constructed by the breaking down of softwood and woodchips into wood fibres similar to cotton wool. It is then combined using a resin and wax binder. Panels are then formed and created through the application of high temperature and pressure. Both sides of the panels have smooth sides and an even density profile which makes them ideal for routing and creating decorative profiles for skirting boards.

    Typically MDF is a yellowish or brownish color and smooth to touch, making it an ideal surface to paint.

    MDF skirting boards are coated with a primer sealant. This makes painting your skirting boards easier and helps to achieve a nice smooth consistent finish.